How to Talk About Jesus (without freaking out)

Published Date: January 15, 2019

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How to Talk About Jesus without Freaking Out: Making Your Faith Relevant in Three Simple Stories

“This book is practical, challenging and compelling.”

— Josh McDowell, Author Evidence that Demands A Verdict

“…a practical, powerful pathway forward for any believer who understands our assignment as ‘witnesses’.”

— Jack W. Hayford – Founder and Chancellor, The Kings University – Los Angeles

“Like Paul in Athens, the authors have figured out how to talk to family, friends, business colleagues, and total strangers about the gospel…  your witness will change dramatically.”

— Hugh Hewitt — Author, The Embarrassed Believer and Searching for God in America

Don’t Freeze Up or Freak Out…

…learn how to share your faith with courage and confidence using this revolutionary three-step approach to talk about Jesus: their story, your story, and His story.  How to Talk About Jesus without Freaking Out is the compilation of twenty years of the authors’ experience teaching classes to Christian professionals in the Hollywood entertainment industry. With warmth and humor, they explain how to effectively share the Good News in a sometimes hostile world. The authors provide simple methods for explaining the gospel, including an approach that uses only one verse or one tweet! Never again miss out on the thrill of talking to someone about Jesus – or enjoying its miraculous results!


Author Information

Jim Covell is an award winning Composer who writes music for Film, Television, Theatre and the Concert Hall. Karen Covell is the Founding Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network and Producer of Television Specials and Documentaries. The Covells speak across the country on their favorite topics of Prayer, Jesus and Hollywood. They live in Southern California and have two sons who are both young filmmakers. To learn about Jim’s CDs and find out more on the Covells, go to and

Victorya Rogers is a Life Coach and Realtor who speaks across America. She spent more than a decade as a Hollywood agent representing many award winners. Victorya earned a master’s degree from Fuller Seminary, and authored several books including Finding a Man Worth Keeping. She lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas with her husband Will and their two children, Matthew & Katie. For more on Victorya go to


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